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Blackjack is quite easy once you get used to it, but many players prefer to read all the rules before starting, and it must be said that it is a good idea. The rules of blackjack are not engraved anywhere. Indeed, they vary according to the games, it depends on a small number of variants that the house decides to choose for the game Generally, each blackjack player plays against the dealer (ie the bank, the casino) and not against other players. The objective of the player is to draw cards until his hand gets a total as close as possible to 21, without exceeding it. If the first two cards drawn total 21, the player does what is called a ‘natural blackjack’. If the dealer gets a hand whose total is closer to 21 than the player’s, without exceeding 21, he wins.

The croupier follows a set of strict rules designed specifically for dealers and the knowledge of the rules that the dealer must follow is just as essential as the rules to be followed as a player. Knowing the rules of blackjack online is much easier than trying to know them at a table of a real casino. Aside from the tension you can feel when you’re surrounded by other players and croupiers, you’re supposed to bet even when you learn to play. What everyone prefers to avoid. Playing online makes it easy because it allows you to play blackjack without any limits on a free version of the game before making real bets. To try to play for free download the GoldenPalace casino software. com which includes both versions (free and for real money) of all our most famous games.

The rules of online blackjack are the same as those of a real casino and, as we have already said, they can vary slightly from one institution to another. Playing online is very simple, since the software will not allow you to make real mistakes, playing is as simple as clicking your mouse. Open our software to see the betting options that are quickly available. To place a bet on the desired category, click on the token in the box of the bets you wish to make, the software will place the token on the bets box. To withdraw a bet, click with the right mouse button on the bet box. The general rule for blackjack gives the cards the following values: 10, V, D, R = 10, As = 1 or 10, the other cards are worth for their nominal value (ie 3 = 3, etc.). ).

The rules of the dealer are very simple. If the dealer’s game is equal to or less than 16, he is obliged to take a card. If the dealer’s game is greater than or equal to 17, he must stay. Note: Some casinos allow croupiers to apply for a card on a soft 17, which only gives the house a smaller advantage. In the GoldenPalace.com software, the dealer must stay if his game is 17 (even in the case of a soft 17). The player can do what he prefers as long as it is a question of staying or playing (ie asking for another card). In the case where the player receives a natural blackjack (the first two cards being an Ace and a 10), the standard blackjack rules say that it must be paid at 150% (or 2 or 3 times the bet). For example: on a bet of $ 10.00 the player will be paid $ 15.00. Doubling the bet can only be possible if you stay on two cards totaling 9, 10 or 11. When the option to double the bet is possible, the software will ask you if you want to do it

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